Use the grid view

Thanks to the new grid view on our website, which shows 4 products on one row, it is now possible to view many more products on one page than before with the list view. U can now use this grid view by clicking the icon with nine squares on the top of every category page, as shown in this example:

Clear overview
The grid view doens´t change the amount of data you will receive at once for the worse. By scrolling over the products with your cursor, you will see the products will flip and all necessary information is listed on the back. This way all the information you need is visible without clicking further. Don´t you want the products to flip but do you need the information that´s on the back? Choose the third icon on top of the category page to freeze the cards and only show their back.

Optimalisation grid view
The grid may be usable already, at this point the old list view is still the standard setting. You therfore need to manually choose the grid view in order to use it. Soon this will change. The grid view will then become the standard and if you still prefer the list view, you should manually pick this option. We are also working on making the system remember your settings to make sure you don’t need to pick your preferences again after going to another category or logging out. At this point in time you should in these cases choose the grid view again.

Do you have any questions or comments on this new feature? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Would you like to know more about new features on our website? Click here to find out what we already changed and what’s still on our to-do.

Image - Use the grid view