FunCakes fondant Kosher certified and gluten free

Today FunCakes announced that the 5 and 10 kilo packages of their fondant are now officially Kosher certified and gluten free, excluding the colours Hot Pink and Royal Purple. Please read FunCakes’ press release below for more information.

-Press Release-                                   9th of January 2018

FunCakes fondant now Kosher certified and gluten free

FunCakes strives to make her products accessible for as many people as possible. We therefore work hard on making more products suitable for people following a special diet. As of today the 5 and 10 kilo packages of our fondant, excluding the colours Hot Pink and Royal Purple, are now officially both Kosher certified and gluten free. In the near future the 250 gram packages of the same colours will get these certifications as well. The Kosher certified and gluten free products are recognizable by the official Kosher and gluten free logos on the packages.

Our Kosher certification has been granted by the Orthodox Union, which means that the products mentioned here have been declared globally to be Kosher Dairy. The glutenfree certification is done by the European Coeliac Society. FunCakes is affiliated with the Dutch Coeliac Society under the number NL-090.

In case you have any question regarding these certifications, please feel free to contact our customer service. They are reachable from Monday to Friday from 08.30h to 17.00h via +31 (0) 75 650 47 88 or

The following packages are now officially Kosher certified and gluten free:
FC97050  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Bright White- 250g
FC97100  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Bright White- 1kg
FC97170  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Bright White- 5kg pail
FC97175  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Bright White- 10kg pail
FC97260  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Sweet Pink- -1kg-
FC97300  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Spring Green- -250g-
FC97500  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Raven Black- -250g-
FC97510  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Raven Black- -1kg-
FC97915  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Forest Green- -250g-
FC97920  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Denim Blue- -250g-
FC97960  FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Baby Blue- -1kg-
FC97010  FunCakes Rolled Fondant Multipack Essential Colours 5x100g
FC97015  FunCakes Rolled Fondant Multipack Pastel Colours 5x100g  
FC97450 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Sea Blue- -250g-
FC97460 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Sea Blue- -1kg-
FC97600 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Mellow Yellow- -250g-
FC97650 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Maroon Brown- -250g-
FC97850 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Stone Grey- -250g-
FC97950 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Baby Blue- -250g-
FC97230 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Elegant Ivory- -250g-
FC97875 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Natural Beige- -250g-
FC97930 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Pretty Pink- -250g-
FC97750 FunCakes Flavoured Fondant -Marshmallow- 1kg
FC97310 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Spring Green- 1kg
FC97250 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Sweet Pin-k 250g
FC97949 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Mystic Turquoise- -250g-
FC97910 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Ruby Red- -250g-
FC97990 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Teddy Bear Brown- -250g-
FC97800 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Lime Green- -250g-
FC97610 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Mellow Yellow- -1kg-
FC97980 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Pastel Blue- -250g-
FC97947 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Royal Purple- -250g- (Not Kosher, not Halal)
FC97927 FunCakes Rolled Fondant -Hot Pink- -1kg- (Not Kosher, not Halal)



Image - FunCakes fondant Kosher certified and gluten free