Colourful news! Meet FunColours from FunCakes

With the FunColours range from FunCakes one thing’s for sure: splashes of colours will enter your store. The tubes with gels and little jars with (sparkle) dusts come in handy boxes which are suitable for both hanging and standing. Don’t you already see these products bright up your store?

The highly concentrated FunColours Gels give vivid colours to creams, fondant, marzipan, icing and batters (cause bake stable up to 200°C!) with just a single drip. The clean flip cap is designed not to leave any colouring on the tube and to make very precise dosing possible. And wIth no less than 21 colours available there is always a colour that fits.

With over 50 (sparkle) dusts you make your treats shine and sparkle. Simply brush some dust over a cake for the perfect finishing touch or make your sugar flowers come to life by adding some shiny effects. The dusts are perfectly suitable to mix them with each other or with alcohol, to easily make edible paint.

Let FunColours speak for itself in your store and place a cool display on your counter filled with FunColours gels. To make it even better we deliver another smaller display with FunColours postcards with it, to give away to your customer. This way you’ve got everything you need for a fantastich launch!

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