CakeSupplies site: the story continues!

Launching a new website, it’s not something you do on a regular basis and it’s not at all something that’s finished from one day to the other. Our website may be up and running for a while now, that doesn’t mean we are taking a vacation from it. Behind the scenes we are still constantly working on it and developing it further. Your feedback, input and questions are of great importance in that process. In the end, you are the ones using it. That’s why we would like to thank everybody who took the effort to get back to us with their feedback and comments. We collect all of these comments and try to handle them as soon as possible. Individual discomfort with things such as logging in, prices and delivery of course get our priority.

Curious about wat we already did with your feedback?

  • The order of the new product category has been changed, the newest products will now always appear on top.
  • You experienced some problems with the uploadtool. The system didn’t recognize certain files, which withholded it from uploading. These problems have been solved and the uploadtool now works properly. 
  • Showing all shopping cart products at one page. This unfortunately turned out to be impossable, as it would decrease the speed of the site and the completement of an order significantly. What we did do, is increasing the amount of products shown from 10 to 40 at one page.
  • It is now possible to print your order from your account. 
  • Due to a technical reason some products did not show up on the website. This is now solved.
  • Your customer group has been added to your customer account, so you are now able to check the specific group you are assigned to in your account.
  • Adjustments have been made to the stock alert, to make sure the alert will now accurately be send out. 
  • The filters on category level now give the right results again. Because of an update, the filters turned out to show more, instead of less, results when choosing for a filter. We then changed the settings so that the filters now give the actually requested results again. 

Some of the things that are still on our list:

  • There are certain issues that aren’t solved as quick as we would like. Because we need to be certain that adjustments actually are improvements with the results we are looking for, certain cases take more time. That’s for instance the case with the search engine, which turns out to give too many and often irrelevant suggestions. We are currently working on getting a different version of the search engine, which we’ll be implementing soon.
  • Adjusting the category page, to make sure more products can be displayed at the same time. Instead of a list with products, we will create a grid view. This way we can show more products at one page and you will see only the highly necessary information for each product, like prices, article numbers, EAN code, stock information etc. For more information it will still be possible to click through to the product page. 
  • When using the upload tool (uploading order via Excel), a intermediate screen will appear with products that need your attention. We want to expand this screen with special offers and discounts valid on the specific products, so you will never miss a good deal while ordering. 
  • Publishing the Track & Trace link of a specific order in your account. 

Are you experiencing any issues with our website, or do you have feedback? Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We take all comments very seriously and if possible we’ll look for a proper solution. This way we hope you’ll benefit more and more from our new website.

Image CakeSupplies site: the story continues!