Terms of delivery

When placing a customer order through our website, a delivery contract is made. The customer will receive an orderconfirmation via email as soon as payment is confirmed (status confirmed). CakeSupplies is committed to deliver the requested products as far as stock allows and the customers has committed to the chosen payment method and has taken notice of our general terms.

The customer order will be processed within a working day and shipped between 2 to 3 working days, depending on first come first serve bases and the total workload. In the customer account, the status of the orders can be followed. After having completed the order process and confirmed payment method, the status is 'confirmed'. After shipping the order, the status will be 'afgehandeld', which will also be confirmed by email. Also, we will send the official invoice by email (only) upon shipping.

Via the site it will be shown if items are not available or temporarily out of stock. These items cannot be included in the order, the system will prevent it. This will avoid having ordered and paid for items, which cannot be delivered.

When an article you ordered is unexpectedly unavailable when your order is pending, it will be removed from your order. If the order has been paid in advance, we will send you a credit invoice for the undelivered article. Missing items will not be placed in backorder and should be re-ordered. Orders that are paid after delivery, will only have the articles on the invoice that where in stock.