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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? We strive to help you with an answer as soon as possible. Maybe you are not the first with this question. If so, you might find you answer below. Isn’t that the case? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service!

Become a customer

What do I need to become a CakeSupplies customer?
You can only register as a customer if you have a business that is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and the description of your activities listed show you work in the cake decorating branch. As well as a valid Chamber of Commerce number, you need a VAT number. Click here for more information.

How do I register as a CakeSupplies customer? 
If you meet the requirements mentioned above, we’re would be happy to receive you as a CakeSupplies customer. After registering through our website, the company details you have entered will be checked by us. As soon as these are approved, you will receive an email from us with log-in details enabling you to log on to the site and take advantage of the prices allotted to you.


I can’t seem to find a product, but I know for sure I’m looking in the right category. Can you help me?
There are for sure certain categories that contain a lot of products. In these cases it can indeed be difficult to find a specific product. It might than be nice to use the filter options. You can find these on the left side of the page. There you can choose a specific brand, colour, size or type of the product, our website will then show you the products that meet your chosen characteristics. Is this explanation not entirely clear to you? Than watch this video in which we show you how the filters work exactly.


What is a trade unit?
A trade unit is a chosen amount of a certain product, based on our takeover preference. The trade unit is usually equal to the outerbox, unless the outerbox contains an extra large amount of products. In that case the trade unit has been adjusted downwards.

Is it possible to order less than a trade unit?
You may always order single pieces of a product. But because we prefer selling complete trade units, we charge a small fee when purchasing single pieces. Once you have added a complete trade unit of a certain product to your shopping cart, you can no longer add single items of this particular product.

How do I upload an order list? 
Log in to our website and choose Upload order in the grey bar on the top of our website, or go to your account overview and click Upload order in the left menu. Here you have the opportunity to import a .csv, .xls or .xlsx file with your favourite products and quantities. Pay special attention to import settings necessary to upload your order list. If you follow the standard import settings, make sure your order file meets the following characteristics: 

  • The first line must contain the values ‘sku’ and ‘qty’.
  • The article numbers (sku) and the quantity (qty) should be filled out in the same order on the lines below.
  • Every line may contain only one product.
  • Example Excel file:

  • Example Excel file

For a CSV file, the values should be seperated by a comma (,).

  • Example CSV file:

Import settings














Adjusting the standard import settings
Do you have your own list with other indications than sku and qty? You can still use this list, but make sure to let our system know which indications are used in your list. Change these in the bars under Import Settings on the bottom of the page. Change for example sku to article number (or any other name you might use) and qty to amount and your list will be uploaded flawlessly. Do make sure the rest of your file meets the settings mentioned before.

Example of the adjusted settings and corresponding Excel-file:
adjusted import setting


adjusted excel file


If the CSV file upload does not work properly, this probably means the delimiter in your files does not match the import settings on our site. You can check this by opening the CSV file as a text file (for example by using notepad). If the delimiter in your text file is different from our import settings, you can correct this on our website in the bar Delimiter (Only for CSV).

Article numbers beginning with 0
When numbers start with a 0 in Excel, Excel removes this 0. This means our website won't recognize the article number (sku). To solve this, place a quotation mark (") at the beginning of numbers starting with a 0. Example: "0123456

I’ve already placed my order, but I forgot to add something. Can I still do this?
Because we understand how annoying that might be, we would be happy to find out if an addition to your order is still possible. Contact our customer service as soon as possible, so they can try to add your forgotten item after all. 

Can my order be shipped as urgent?
No, unfortunately it’s not possible for us to ship your order as urgent. However, when you’ve placed your order before 12.00, it will be shipped the next working day already.

Can my order be delivered on a specific date?
We are always glad to help you get your order as soon as possible. If you have a preference for a certain delivery day, please state your preference in the 'remarks' section of your order, so that we can dispatch it the day before. You can then be assured that your order gets to you on your preferred day.

Can I also pick up my order?
Yes, click here for more information about our pick up point.


What are your shippings costs?
Click here for the shipping costs of packages. Large orders (the start weight depends on the country of destination) can also be delivered by pallet transport. In that case, prices are based on euro pallets and depend on the destination of your order. Please contact our customer service for more information about our different freight costs.

When will my order be delivered?
When you’ve placed an order before 12.00, it will be shipped the next working day. On the day we dispatch your order, we will send you an e-mail to confirm the dispatch of your order with a copy of the invoice in pdf format. When you receive this e-mail, your order will be delivered in 1 -2 working days to your address in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, for all other countries delivery time can be up to 3-7 working days.

Can I trace my package or pallet?
You can easily request a track & trace link of the carrier in your account which allows you to follow your order. To do so, choose orders in your account dashboard. Once your order get the status completed, you can click on view order. This will open your order, where after two tabs will appear named items ordered and order shipments. In the tab order shipments you can then click on the logo of the carrier, which will forward you to the track & trace page on which you can follow your order.

I won’t be present when my order will be delivered. What should I do?
In the unfortunate event that your order cannot be delivered to your address from Monday to Friday, you will find a note in your mailbox with a phone number on it. You can use it to make a new delivery appointment for as soon as the next working day. Click here for more information.

Can my order be delivered somewhere else?
Yes, if circumstances prevent you from accepting your package on working days, you can supply us with an alternative delivery address, e.g. your work address or the address of a friend or family member. If you wish, you can enter this address in your personal profile on our site.


The delivered products are (partly) damaged or are not what I ordered. What should I do?
If anything is wrong with the contents of the package you receive, please contact us within 2 business days at CakeSupplies by e-mail ( or by phone (+31 (0) 75 650 47 85).

Price information

I don’t see any prices belonging to your products. Where can I find them?
Our prices are only visible when you are a customer at CakeSupplies. Please make sure you log in to your customer account or create a new account by registering as a customer. Are the prices shown on the website including or excluding VAT? All of our prices are excluding VAT.

Will my discount be corrected afterwards?
As soon as you log in to your customer account you will see the prices valid for you.


What ways of payment do you offer?
You can pay your order by MultiSafepay, a pro forma invoice, PayPal or payment by invoice. Click here for more information about these payment possibilities.

My order stays on initialized. What does this mean?
This means MultiSafepay couldn’t link your order to your payment yet. For more information, feel free to contact our customer service.

I accidentally placed my order twice, but just paid one (via MultiSafepay). What should I do?
We only handle prepaid orders if we have received a payment confirmation from MultiSafepay. Other orders will be cancelled automatically. You do not have to do anything. E-mails from MultiSafePay about this subject may be ignored. I have already paid, but am still receiving e-mails from MultiSafpPay? Sometimes payments are being registered by Mulitisafepay twice with the same reference. MultiSafepay gives every entry its own ID. For one ID payment can be complete, while MultiSafepay still sends you reminders for the other payment. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact our customer service.

I got an error message when checking out. What should I do?
If you have chosen one of the payment methods of MultiSafepay, you should receive an e-mail from them within half an hour. The e-mail contains a payment link, that allows you to complete the payment. If you rather place a new order, that’s also fine. You may ignore then the e-mails from MultiSafepay. An order with status Initialized will automatically be cancelled after 30 days.

Suggestions & Complaints

I’ve got a suggestion or a complaint about a product or sending, how can I contact you about this?
First of all, we appreciate it very much if our customers contact us to give their feedback. This helps us to develop our assortment and improve our services in the future. We ask you friendly to fill out your suggestion or complaint in this form, we will then get back to you about this as soon as possible.