CakeSupplies is the number one wholesale in cake decorating products and ingredients. Working from our office in Wormer, The Netherlands, we provide large scale consumer and resellers throughout Europe from leading brands. Our company was born out of a deep rooted love and sincere passion for baking and decorating from our director, which is –now that it has been shared with over 60 employees- still centrally present within our company. It is the same passion that we recognize between our customers. This is the basis that motivates our team daily to not only offer our customers an attractive assortment of products, but also to support them in all those other facets of the business. 

Does this sound as the environment you would want to be part of? Whenever we have got open vacancies, we will publish them here. 

Are you interested in a job in our warehouse? Often we are offering (part-time) positions in our warehouse for several kinds of functions. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact Olympia employment agency. They provide the recruitment and selection of our warehouse staff.